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Here you will find different courses like php, javascript, wordpress laravel. You will also find tutorials where I will give you basic knowledge to get a head start on the language and you will learn more if you already have the basic knowledge on the language.

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Here you will learn about Bootstrap Grids classes and templates


Here you will learn about Git and git commands


Here you will learn basics for JS plus advanced Courses


This course involves basic understanding on Laravel for beginners.

Mongo DB

Here you will learn all about Mongo Db and React

Node Js

Here you will learn all about Node JS


Here you will learn about basics plus advances courses of PHP


In this tutorial you will learn from basics and advanced topics of React, webpack etc


Here you will learn about the state management library for js apps called Redux

Unit Testing For WordPress Plugins

Learn how to install and run phpunit for WordPress plugins using wp-cli


Learn all about WordPress. From Basics to advance. Theme development, taxonomies, Wordpress functions, Hooks etc